O. W. Holmes Junior High School

Seventh Grade: What to Know About Starting Junior High

Getting Organized...

It takes practice and you will see it's worth the effort!

  • Use your planner daily to keep track of when assignments are due. Take it to every class.
  • Be sure you understand your assignments. If you have a question, ask! Other students may have the same question.
  • Make time for homework each day.
    • Get the supplies you need before you start.
    • Try to find a quiet comfortable place to work.
    • During homework time do not take calls or texts from friends.
    • If you have something to memorize, work on that first, and then go over it again at the end of your study session.
    • Always allow more time than you think you'll need.
  • Break big projects into smaller ones. It can make the project easier to manage. For example, for a research project, collect research one week, take notes the next and begin writing the next.
  • Prepare for the next day before you go to bed. It will save a lot of time and rushing in the morning!
    • Check your planner and make sure you have completed assignments that are due the next day.
    • Get your backpack ready after you finish your homework (make sure you included your homework that is due) .
    • Get your clothes ready before you go to bed.
    • If there is something that you need to do in the morning, make yourself a note so that you don't forget it.

Making Friends...

You may feel a little lonely if you aren't in the same classes as your old friends. Here are some ideas for getting to know new friends.

  • Be friendly.People are more likely to say hello to a friendly face. If someone smiles at you, smile back. Say hi and introduce yourself.
  • Be a good listener. When you meet someone, show an interest in what that person likes to do. Ask questions, too.
  • Be yourself. Trying to impress people usually backfires. Be honest about what you like to do. Trust the wise part of yourself when you feel uncertain.
  • Be a good friend. Treat others the way you would want to be treated. Be careful about being mean when you just as easily can be nice.
  • Get help from your teachers when neeed. They will want to help you do well at Holmes. Don't be afraid to ask questions. If you feel uncomfortable talking in class, ask after class. Tell your teacher as soon as you have trouble with school work or a peer. Ask your teacher to let a counselor know if you need extra help.

Dealing with Pressure...

If you feel worried or pressured, consider talking to an adult you trust, such as:

  • a parent
  • a teacher
  • a counselor
  • an older brother or sister.


There's No Place like Holmes!


Success is a state of mind. If you want success, start thinking of yourself as a success. - Anonymous

20 Hints for Seventh Grade Success--From Students!

Mrs. Broaddus, Holmes JHS English teacher, asked her 7th grade students at the end of last year for suggestions on how incoming 7th graders could be successful. Here is what they had to say (written as submitted by students):

  1. BE ORGANIZED! Always keep your papers, assignments, and homework straight or the year will be difficult for you.
  2. Try your best to never be late on assignments.
  3. ALWAYS use your planner!!! You can't remember all your homework in your head by the time you get home.
  4. Work hard and don't get behind because you will regret it.
  5. Pay attention! In the beginning it doesn't seem that hard, but it gets harder as the year goes on, so be prepared.
  6. Don't talk back to the teacher.
  7. Live your life, don't stress, before you know it the year will be over.
  8. Work your hardest and think on the bright side.
  9. Be prepared for a lot of homework and FUN!!
  10. If you work really hard, don't get behind, and try it is possible to get good grades, but don't get behind or turn in late work.
  11. Don't be lazy. In the middle of the year I got kind of lazy and my grades took a drop. In my core classes I had C's, but I was able to get back in gear and bring them up to A's and B's.
  12. Don't worry about being cool. Don't change. Know your friends.
  13. Don't ever talk when your teachers are talking.
  14. Don't fall behind in a class. If you get confused or need help, don't put it off, ask your teachers for help.
  15. Have binder with pockets, pencils, etc.
  16. Try your hardest and be in class everyday.
  17. There are no mean teachers. Your locker is a great place to store books. You have five minutes to change classes and yes that is enough time to cross the campus!
  18. Be yourself and be on time.
  19. Do your homework!!! Have fun but have common sense as to when to have fun and when to be serious!
  20. From Mrs. Broaddus: Always do your best and ask for help when you need it. Your teachers are here to guide you through the year. Keep all your work when your teachers return it to you, so you can double-check your grades at the end of each quarter. Have a wonderful school year and remember: There is no place like Holmes!