O. W. Holmes Junior High School

Non-DJUSD Course Policy

DJUSD Board policy allows up to ten credits for courses from other accredited insitutions on the DJUSD transcript with notation of where the course was taken. This could be a one semester college course, for example, or two semesters of high school level courses. A notation of P will be made if the course has been preapproved as college prep by UC/CSU for "a-g" credit. The policy went into effect June 15, 2012, without regard for any previous non-DJUSD courses taken. All non-DJUSD courses must be completed by the end of fall semester of the senior year.

UC/CSU Approved A-G Courses:

Go to www.ucop.edu/a-gGuide/ag/online_course.html.

Select names of approved online providers you are interested in.

Then go to: https://doorways.ucop.edu/list.

Enter the name of the online school and then review the list of "a-g" approved courses.

Note: UC/CSU will not accept any online course in the area of visual and perfocming arts (VPA) or laboratory science, unless science courses require an on-site wet lab component.

Final Exam Proctor: DJUSD teachers do not proctor final exams for online courses. There is a UCD Extension facility in Sacramento which will proctor exams. Call (916) 327-7072 for details.

Welcome to Freshman Year

Welcome to high school and freshman year! Here are some suggestions for starting your high school experience:

  • Believe in yourself! You have grown up so much during the past few years. Participating in high school sports and getting a driving permit are just some of the perks that may happen as part of this freshman year. You are no longer the new 7th grader remembering your locker combination and trying to find your way around campus. Enjoy your time as a 9th grader at Holmes and realize that more is expected of you because you are now a high school student!
  • Every DJUSD class that you take from now until you graduate from high school will be included in your high school transcript. It is important to understand high school graduation and college admission requirements so that you can be prepared for what the future holds. You can get started by: Researching colleges or trade schools; completing the 4-Year High School Graduation Plan; and ensuring that you have planned to fulfill the UC/CSU College Prep Requirements to be eligible for freshman college admissions. The following resources can help you get started:
  • Keep track of any sports, extracurricular, employment, or community service/volunteer opportunities that you participate in. Create a folder to log in hours, contact names of coaches/supervisors, and dates of when you participated in various activities.
    • It may feel like you do not have time for extracurricular or community service activies. Keep in mind that these activities can help both your social life and your college applications. When you start your search to find a college, you'll see that they look for well-rounded students who participated in extracurricular activities along with a challenging academic program. That doesn’t mean you should sign up for every activity out there; just try a few programs until you find ones you like. It’s better to be dedicated and active in a few activities that support your future interests, than to make little effort in several or none at all.
  • Remember to have fun and there is not a "perfect" schedule or path to college. Set realistic short term and long term goals, while being careful to not overload your schedule. Try to honor your own interests and needs.
  • Let your teachers know ahead of time if you are going to be out of class and need an extension. Contact your teachers through email and make an appointment to meet if you have questions or concerns.
  • Continue to refine the study and organizational skills that you practiced while you were in the 7th or 8th grade. Use your planner, identify a study buddy for every class, organize your homework schedule/avoid disruptions, and use your class time well.

Get Involved!

Check out the Davis Wiki for information on volunteering:http://daviswiki.org/volunteer_opportunities

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Manage Your Time

Many students experience stress because of heavy time demands. Go to Study and Strategies Guides to review how you spend your time and help prioritize your goals.

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Learn about the PSAT, SAT & College Admissions

Davis School For Independent Study: Travel Program

Students traveling for 5 or more days are encouraged to enroll in the Davis School of Independent Study (D.S.I.S.) Travel Program:

  • Contact D.S.I.S. as soon as possible, and preferably, 2-3 weeks in advance.
  • D.S.I.S. phone contact: 530.757.5333
  • Contact the Holmes JHS Attendance Secretary, Georgi Chambers, to let her know that your child will be absent from school at 530.757.5445, extension 116