COVID testing for Students and Staff
Posted on 05/20/2021
Covid testing

Free COVID testing for DJUSD Staff and Students
As part of our conditions for a safe return to campus, DJUSD is partnering with Healthy Davis Together to bring COVID saliva testing for asymptomatic students and staff to our school sites.

If you would like your child tested at one of our school sites, there are three items to complete. Parents do not need to be present for testing once they are registered through Healthy Davis Together, and a DJUSD waiver is on file for the student. We are not currently pulling students from instruction time at all school sites, to allow time to transition back to school. However, if you would like your student taken out of class to COVID-19 test, please email to make arrangements.

Step 1: Go to the Healthy Davis Together website at and follow these steps to register your student

  • Parent signs up for an HDT account
  • Click "Dependents" on the left menu
  • Click "Add a New Dependent"
  • Fill out minor's information (leave email and phone blank unless you want your student sent their tests results)
  • Click "I agree" and submit (this will create your student's profile)
  • Once you see your student's name, click "Launch"
  • Click on "Medical Clearances" on the left
  • Click on the green "Update" box
  • Complete the HDT waiver and submit

If you have questions about the Healthy Davis Together registration, please contact their help desk at (530) 754-8382.

Step 2: Please contact HDT at (530) 754-8382 or email your student's name and birthdate to to request your child be moved to the DJUSD agency. Being under the DJUSD agency enables students and staff to no longer need to make appointments at ANY testing sites (community or school), and they can walk in during open hours to be tested. The DJUSD agency also allows DJUSD to have access to the test results, which allows a faster response to a positive test. If your student remains under the general Davis agency, they can still test at any site in Davis, but we would not receive the test results.

Step 3: Fill out the DJUSD Minor COVID Testing Waiver (English) (Spanish) for your minor student.

Once these steps are complete, your student can be tested at any sites in Davis (school or community) on a walk-in basis.
If you have any questions, please email Heidi Perry at