Welcome 7th Graders!
Posted on 08/04/2022
WEBWelcome Holmes 7th Graders!

What is WEB?
It stands for “Where Everybody Belongs”, and it is an exciting, fun-filled, action-packed program JUST for you!

When is WEB Orientation?
Monday, August 22nd from 8:30 AM until 12:30 PM!

Where is WEB Orientation?
At Holmes Jr. High
1220 Drexel Drive
Meet at the covered tables in the quad outside the gym – Look for the Signs!

What will we do at WEB Orientation?
 Meet cool 9th grade WEB Leaders
 Get to know your fellow 7th grade students
 Tour your awesome campus
 Get the “inside scoop” on Jr. High
 Hear tips and tricks from experienced 9th graders
 Have a fantastic introduction to your new school!

What do I need to bring?
 Yourself
 Comfortable clothes (easy to sit, stand, & move around in)

That’s it? I don’t need a Backpack or pencil or anything?
Nope! This is a relaxing, FUN day – we’ll take care of everything!

What if I’m kind of on the shy side?
You know what – some of us WEB Leaders are shy, too!
No worries - we won’t embarrass you!

We cannot wait to see you on the 22nd!

Sincerely, Your WEB Leaders