Maximum Amount of Homework Time

Homework may be assigned four nights per week, Monday through Thursday. The time limits stated below are the maximum time for any one night. (See Weekend and Holidays.) Whenever possible, teachers are encouraged to provide assignments in advance to allow flexible time management opportunities to students and their families.

When students do not use class time well, they may have more work to do at home.

Although art may be a part of an assigned project in a non-art class, the evaluation of the project shall not penalize students who lack strengths in using art as a medium of expression.

Loss of non-instructional time (i.e. lunch, after-school) shall not be a consequence for lack of homework completion. While teachers may occasionally keep a student for a momentary check for understanding, non- instructional time should otherwise not be denied.

Should individual sites wish to redistribute the homework time allotment among subjects to better suit their curriculum, a site plan will be developed and communicated with parents and students.

Seventh - Eighth Grade:

English, mathematics and music classes may each assign twenty minutes per day. Other academic classes may assign fifteen minutes per day. When students take a course which is generally offered above their grade level, they can expect to spend the amount of time doing homework specified for the course level. (For example, World Language and Math).

Ninth - Twelfth Grade:

English and mathematics classes may each assign thirty minutes per day. Other academic classes, including World Language, music or science, that do not carry the designation "Honors" or AP may assign twenty minutes per day. For a schedule with English, mathematics, and three other academic classes, this would result in two hours of homework per day. Some Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) classes may require more.

The remainder of this policy applies to all grades and all classes, including AIM, Honors and AP.

Weekend and Holiday Assignments

Weekend and holiday homework shall not be assigned with the expectation that it be completed during those times. For example, a one-day assignment made on Friday would not be due until Tuesday; a two-day assignment would be due on Wednesday, and so on.

Long-Term Homework Assignments

Long-term homework assignments, i.e. those assigned over more than five school days, shall provide a proportionate learning benefit relative to the time required to complete the assignment. The time needed to accomplish long-term assignments should be integrated into the total time needed for all homework assignments, short and long term. Teachers shall provide clear, written directions for assignments. These directions to students should include all relevant information, such as the due date, the required length (if any), any required format specifics, planned check points, and penalties for late or non-completion of work. Classroom instructional time should be given at the onset of projects to assist students in understanding and starting the project satisfactorily. Some check points or scaffolding should be provided during class time with adequate feedback from the teacher with respect to student progress.

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